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ExoSCRT Exosome

ASCE+ is a high-end brand that showcases products with applied lyophilized technology to capture the original efficacy / effect.


Advanced Anti-Aging



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The power is the differentation-ability to various body tissues, a Stem cell-derived Exosomes have the differentation and tissue regeneration effects of stem cells.

They can send 'Happy Signal' to other cells and bring about 'Happy Change' around intercellular environment.

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Stem sell-derived Exosomes, which have various growth factors, send the healthy skin's message to damaged skin and help our skin become natural-born healthy & happy condition.

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Technology of isolation & purification technology of 0.1~0.5% exosomes from stem cell conditioned media.

Patented technology for mass production of highly efficient exosomes suitable for biomedicine development.

Patented technology optimized for regenerative medicine.


* Exosome: 30~200nm extracellular vesicles secreted from cells, key substances needed for intercellular communication

ExoSCRT isolation & purification technology

This patented technology, developed for high reproducibility and mass production,

can separate and produce highly efficient/pure exosomes.


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Possibilities of ExoSCRT Exosome

As a key component of stem cell paracrine effect, it regulates the regeneration and immunity of damaged surrounding cells.


(Paracline effect: regenerates and treats damaged surrounding cells as the most important function among the regenerative abilities of stem cells)


Components of ExoSCRT Exosome

Contain about 400 lipids, 600 miRNAs and 1,000 proteins

96 miRNAs and 200 proteins for skin regeneration

56 miRNAs for anti-inflammation, maintaining skin barrier, anti-aging, whitening, and regulating cell proliferation

46 miRNAs for suppressing cytokine, which causes atopic dermatitis and itching

Verification of the effectiveness of lipids in constructing and rebuilding skin barriers

Excellent transfer efficiency with the same lipid membrane as cell membrane



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