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Non-Invasive CO2 Carboxy therapy

RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy has been exclusively manufactured, sold and marketed by JMBIOTECH Corporation Limited since its development in 2007. It is an original CO2 treatment product, trusted by over 300 million industry professionals from 28 countries around the world.





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RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO is the first non-invasive CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY product for clinics and hospitals in Korea, which was developed exclusively by JMBIOTECH Corporation Limited in 2007. Trusted by over 300 million industry professionals from 28 countries around the world, it is manufactured, distributed and managed in adherence to strict standards.
Since its development in 2007, no side effects have been reported. RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO is CPNP and US FDA certified, promising safety and the highest quality.
As the only CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY product in the world that comes in bulk packaging 1,500ml for more than 50 treatments developed specifically for professional use, RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO allows professionals to provide a high-quality service for patients at a reasonable price.
RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO comes with a high level of CO2 concentration while minimizing the level of any unnecessary components. As a procedure best suited for patients, it promises the best effects possible.

As a revolutionary needle-free* CO2 Carboxy Therapy for professional use, RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY COMBO is the best choice for the maximization of the effects of dermatological and plastic surgery procedures.
By accelerating the skin metabolism via the Bohr effect, not only the skin elasticity, tone and pore control are improved, but also bruises and swelling are alleviated while oil and moisture balance is controlled.

*Non-invasive CO2 Carboxy Therapy

The non-invasive RIBESKIN CO2 CARBOXY THERAPY helps redefine body contours by dramatically improving skin elasticity and cellulite reduction.
It also effectively removes post-procedure bruises and swellings or stretch marks created on the abdominal area during pregnancy, while also being effective for diet.
Even greater improvement of results could be experienced by consistently combining it with various other procedures such as laser, peeling, mesotherapy, postnatal skin care and etc., without causing any irritation on the skin.


What is the Bohr Effect?

When carbon dioxide is absorbed by skin cells from gel, hemoglobin in red blood cells release oxygen.

This process provides oxygen to the skin while simultaneously stimulating the blood circulation, metabolism, protein synthesis and disposal of skin waste.

These reactions reduces marks, cellulite, acne and inflammation while enhancing skin tone, elasticity and oil/moisture balance.


dr. Tea Brozičević

- Policlinic Terme Rijeka

Our revolutionary needle-free carboxy therapy helps boost skin’s metabolism and natural production oxygen providing deep down hydration.



Highly suitable for clients who are looking for treatments that deliver instant results. RIBESKIN CO2 Carboxy therapy will lead your clients to experience the visible skin transformation to lifting effects with and increase of skin elasticity and ‘up skin tone’ only after single treatment.

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