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The solution sprays extremely thin 70 - 100-micrometer EV-water beam. It causes temporary inflammation in the dermis layer of the skin which will help collagen regeneration, whitening, improving wrinkles, tightening pores etc. this comprehensive care will give results with smooth and bright skin finally.


Skin Care


60 min

Client Price



EV-JET is a new generation of beauty device which improves wrinkles, whitening, tightening pores and remove black-heads from all process of EV-Water Beam deliver carbonate water and AHA solution to the dermis into the pores, which can remove the wastes and generate inflammation effect temporarily.

EV-Water Beam means that under 100 microns size of tips spray AHA solutions mixed with carbonated water which deliver into pores deeply, we believe that shows similar with 'Beam·, that's why we called "EV-Water Beam". 


The device uses liquid, fed in under pressure through ultra thin openings in the single use tip. Because the diameter of the stream (under 100 microns) is smaller than the inlet diameter of the pores, a sort of lock in process happens during the alignment between the pores and the stream, and a portion of the liquid is transfused from the tip into the pore. Naturally, to overcome the resistance of the pore, the liquid must be fed under pressure. If we assume for a moment that the stream is larger in diameter than the pore, then it is easy to see that the parts of the stream that are beyond the size of the pore will create pressure on the skin around the pore, which will lead to its densification, closure, and the inability to successfully deliver the solution. For the time it takes to process the face, which has around 200,000.00 pores, in result of random alignments with pores over 20,000.00 fill ups of pores occur, with a total amount of cubic centimeter of liquid.






Deep cleansing

The inside surface of pores has skin similar in structure to that of external areas of the skin. Due to its orientation towar ds the inside of the skin, the pore can serve as a channel which leads to the depths of the dermis. This, in turn, means that this technology is absolutely safe and usable in all seasons of the year. The 2 10% water solutions of Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid (AHA), used as the general solutions, will allow for the creation of storage for acid stimuli deep inside the skin. These will signal the existence of a ''dangerous'' foreign chemical body, which triggers an anti inflammatory response. The response consists of an increase in the formation and the creation of new cells, the native collagen, and elastin. As a result, the fullness and turgor of skin increases, melanin regenerates, and th e number of neuroproteins increases, which heightens the sensitivity and reactivity of the skin.

Multifunctional EV Ultimate Handpiece for
Microcurrent, 3D chemical peeling, Phototherapy

Microcurrent tips 

It delivers micro-current to the skin safely with 4 point tips. 

It rotates and vacuums at same time and EV-Water Beam sprays from 2 points of holes.


Tips for handpiece


It helps cell activation by beam irradiation. (on/off function) 


Microcurrent help expel the waste and have regeneration effect by cell stimulation and blood circulation.


3D Chemical peeling

The device allows for the performance of deep 3D chemical peeling, situating relatively weak acids from the AHA group in the depths of skin, starting from the surface of the dermis and deeper. It is possible to regulate the amount of material and the depth of delivery by changing the working parameters of the device, depending on the indications and the zone of treatment. Working inside the skin, these acids do not affect the surface level, which are the more persistent areas of the skin, and do not destroy them. This allows for the procedure to be performed in any season of the year without worrying about the appearance of pigmentation or other side effects.


Phototherapy (LED)

White LED have phototherapy effect which can sterilize P Acne bacteria with 400mm wavelength and it also has 500-650
wavelength that can help for cell activation.


Differences with other treatments

EV-JET penetrates AHA solutions into the pores deeply which can improve pores and wrinkles by Pseudo-inf lammation effect when compare with other automatic vacuum system which focus only with remove wastes only . 

  • How many treatments per week regularly and terms?
    We recommend to treat once a week, and need time to regenerate 3-5 days. You can see bright skin after 2-3 treatment, and after 5 treatments you can see improving pores and wrinkles.
  • What are the cautions during the treatment?
    Avoid purulent acne and wound area.
  • Is there any pain during treatment?
    Clients can feel sting little when solution with sparkling water penetrate to pores, but is not painful like laser.
  • What is the most important management after treatment?
    Don’t use any irritating or peeling products or hot water during 2~3days after treatment. Make sure protect with sunscreen on day time. Avoid purulent acne and cuts.
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