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Venous insufficiency and lymphedema before and after: the visible results of icoone

The microstimulation carried out thanks to the icoone handpieces reactivates the microcirculation, favouring blood circulation in the capillaries and improving blood flow – and therefore oxygenation – of the tissues. The positive effects are also visible in important clinical situations, such as leg ulcers: thanks to the massage with icoone, they start healing more quickly, improving the appearance of the skin and becoming much less noticeable.

Even in the presence of lymphedema, just a few short sessions of a targeted treatment with icoone are enough to see concrete results on the circumference and volume of the limbs affected by swelling and oedema:  the blood flows better to the tissues and oxygenates them, and at the same time the drainage of lymph and waste substances increases. The benefits also affect motor function: bending a leg affected by lymphedema after a massage with icoone, for example, is easier.


Woman, 78 years old
Goal: reduce ulceration and improve leg tissue blood flow
Number of treatments: 10
Duration: 20 min
Frequency: 2 times a week



Woman, <40 years old
Goal: reduce volume, improve lower limb drainage, improve limb flexibility
Number of treatments: 6
Duration: 15 min
Frequency: twice a week


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